KFO Responds Well the Representation of the Leadership Elements of the DPR-PB Otsus

goodmorningpapua.com –  A chairman of the Otsus Faction of the West Papuan House of Representatives, George Karel Dedaida responded the step forward in the Otsus path with the representation of leadership elements in the legislature.

“We are grateful for the follow-up to the Bapemperda of the West Papua DPR for the revision of Perdasus No. 4 of 2019, including the addition of the article on the Special Autonomy route for appointing council members, including Deputy Chair IV of the West Papua DPR,” said Karel.

In his view, the revision of the leadership element is based on an order in Law number 2 of 2021 which provides opportunities for Papuan Indigenous People’s representatives (OAP) through the Special Autonomy route to be included in the leadership element of the West Papuan DPR which is described in Government Regulations (PP) Numbers 106 and 107, in  2021.

The former member of the West Papuan Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) also admitted that he was grateful since the revision of the Perdasus brought fresh air with the representation of leadership elements in the legislature from the Otsus line.

“I hope that the support from all members of the West Papuan DPR and leadership elements in the rest of time can be maximized so that the political rights of the Papuan people can be realized,” said the member of the West Papua LMA.

Karel also invited all parties to support the enactment of Law Number 4 of 2021 in West Papua for the future of the Papuan people. “The state provides the opportunity for appointment to the OAP community, especially in this parliamentary institution,” he said.

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