Kempupera Builds 15 Flats in Papua –  The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Kempupera) through the Directorate General of Housing is ready to support the implementation of the National Sports Week (PON) XX in Papua.

Acting Director (Plt) of Director of the Directorate General of Housing of Kempupera, Maryoko Hadi, said that up to now, the Kempupera has budgeted for about Rp. 330.4 billion to build 15 flats (Rusun) as a means of accommodation for the sport event.

“The budget for the construction of 15 towers to support the event of PON XX in Papua is approximately Rp 330.4 billion,” said Maryoko Hadi, in a press release received by, Monday (31/5/2021).

According to Maryoko, the construction of vertical housing in addition to help the performance process of the PON XX is also very helpful for beneficiaries in obtaining habitable housing in Papua Province.

“The construction of the flat can run well thanks to good coordination between the Ministry of Education and the local government as well as PB PON Papua as the Organizing Committee for PON XX Papua in 2021,” he added.

Maryoko added, as many as 15 towers of flats in Papua are spread over three areas, namely Jayapura Regency (5 flats), Merauke Regency (5 flats) and Jayapura City (5 flats).

“The flats will later be allocated for ASN, TNI/POLRI, students, female students, and church congregations after the performance of PON XX Papua in 2021,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Papua Housing Provision Agency (P2P) I Faisal Soedarno accompanied by PPK Flats and Special Homes, Marinus Rino Kambu revealed that his party had dispatched officers from the Task Force of housing supply of Papua Province to support the implementation of this prestigious event held in Papua Province. “The Rusun development program has been implemented since 2016 until 2021,” he said.

In the implementation of PB PON XX 2021 Papua, he added, the committee certainly needs adequate accommodation facilities so that the Ministry of PUPR provides Temporary Use of Flats that have been built.

“In addition to flats, Kempupera has also budgeted Rp 21.6 billion to support building improvement and building quality improvement in the form of installing air conditioning, parking areas and fences for the comfort and safety of athletes and officials so that the building is ready for use,” he said

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