Kali Kaca, a Hidden Tourist Paradise in Maybrat, West Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The natural beauty of Papua indeed cannot be denied. Papua is even dubbed as a paradise in eastern Indonesia. There are so many interesting tourism destinations there besides Raja Ampat which is famous around the world.

For example, Kali Kaca or also known as Kali Bawi. Yes, this small river with very clear water like glass is located in Bawi Village, Ayamaru, Maybrat Regency, West Papua Province. because of so clear the water, you can see directly the bottom of the river from the surface.

Kali Bawi completes a beautiful tourist destination in the land of West Papua. Not only has the water very clear, but the bottom of the river is also really beautiful.

There are river rocks, at first glance like rocks in the sea. In addition, the view in the glass river area is also really cool. It is surrounded by shady trees, so that it reflects into the river water which then makes its color green.

Now for those of you who are curious about the beauty of this glass time, you can follow the following directions.

Viewing from the map application, from Sorong the distance is approximately 3-4 hours away. You will pass Kampoeng Saloek, Lake Farmu Ayamaru after that follow the instructions.

Arriving at Bawi village, you still have to enter the wilderness overgrown with trees, grass, roots so that there are insects and other animals.

After passing through the heavy forest, your tiredness will be cured after arriving at the glass river. Tourists can take a bath in this river, as well as take a picture on the beautiful spots.

However, for now there is no myth that surrounds the glass river. Will people who bathe in this river stay young, provide sustenance or soon get a mate?  Specifically , this one natural tourism destination is very interesting to visit.

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