Kadin Papua Commitment to Advance Regional Entrepreneurs, Encouraging Investors to be Partner

goodmorningpapua.com –The Papua Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry encourages foreign and national investors from Papua to North Maluku to partner with regional entrepreneurs to overcome the gap.

“We are very happy and open with investors, as long as they enter the region through the right way, namely via the Kadin and involving the Regional Kadin. We hope that this will also be encouraged by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry,” said Chairman of the Papua Kadin, Ronald Antonio some time ago.

Ronald said that this step was an important thing to do to resolve the economic gap that had been wrapped around regional entrepreneurs and was only felt or enjoyed by entrepreneurs from outside the region.

According to Ronald, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Rapimnas which was opened directly by President Joko Widodo was the right moment to convey what the people of Eastern Indonesia want, especially Papua.

“This Rapimnas moment is the right time to convey important things to be programmed and strengthened in joint decisions to encourage the government to pay attention to the private sector, especially Papuan entrepreneurs,” said Ronald.

Kadin Papua stated that it supports Vice President Ma’ruf Amin in encouraging the government to stop the ‘conglomeration’ of SOEs leading to a ‘cartel’, in which SOEs dominate BUMN and Government projects. Meanwhile, the private sector, especially local entrepreneurs, are not involved.

“My anxiety is how look for ways so that local entrepreneurs, especially Papuans, become actors, not continue to be spectators of development on their own land,” he said.

Ronald hopes that the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry can boost changes to the government, so that local entrepreneurs can be involved in the implementation of infrastructure development.

“I will never stop asking for support from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry so that it can be submitted to the government as a regulator,” said Ronald.

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