Judas Paragaye, an Outstanding Youth of Papua in the Land of Sunda

goodmorningpapua.com – Yudas Paragaye is the chairman of the Papuan Students Association in Bandung, West Java. Yudas has arrived on Java since 2017 and studied Police Science at Lang-Lang Buana University, Bandung. As a Papuan student living in an overseas land, Yudas went through a series of adaptation processes until he was finally able to mingle with other students. The man familiarly called Judas shared his story with the participants of the talks

“Katong Papua, Katong Achievement” which was held by the Directorate of Information and Communication at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia some time ago. “Actually, in Bandung, I’m happy, the people are friendly, it’s just that sometimes the language is a barrier, maybe I don’t understand them, or vice versa,” said Yudas.

Head of the Papuan Dormitory on Jl. This Cilaki also tells about cultural differences which sometimes become funny stories that he can remember to learn more about adapting. The experience of Yudas studying outside Papua, especially in Bandung, West Java, together with many other students, is that the cost is limited, however, Yudas admits that Papuan students are still trying to create achievements overseas.

“We have a very high enthusiasm for learning, ranging from in engineering, nursing, law, and various kinds of discipline , but sometimes the cost is a bit of an obstacle, so all of my friends here are trying to get scholarships or study hard, so they can graduate quickly ‘ said Judas.

Yudas also hopes for support from the local government in order to optimize the teaching and learning process for Papuan students outside Papua. For Judas, adaptation of language and culture requires seriousness, especially for Papuan students who migrate to study so that during studying and staying at in campus environment Papuan students can be comfortable and achieve.

“Sometimes people seeing us physically in the fisrt time get scared, whereas people don’t know we have a very soft heart,” said Judas with laughing. Judas’ chatter was greeted by the host of Putri Nere who was also Miss Papua 2006 “That’s right, from now on don’t look at the tong pu of body, if you know closely, you can get the tong pu of love,” said Putri Nere with a smile.

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