Journalists Support the Development of South Papua – Forkopimda of South Papua Province asked journalists to support the development of South Papua by presenting credible and reliable information to the public to support the task of maintaining national unity and integrity.proshop nfl proshop nfl proshop nfl dildos for sale fiitg cheap wigs online fiitg fiitg the wig shoppe dildos for sale cheap wigs online proshop nfl proshop nfl dildos for sale proshop nfl 

“Journalists have duties and responsibilities including reporting, analysing, writing news, then conveying credible information to the public through the mass media to support our task of maintaining national unity and integrity,” said the Acting Governor of South Papua, Apolo Safanpo, chairing Forkopimda Papua South during a friendly gathering and press conference at the Pinang Sirih Restaurant, Merauke, Sunday (01/01/2023) evening.

Apart from that, Apolo also asked journalists to confirm information that he wanted to convey to the public so that it would become the basis for regional leaders in making decisions.

“To fellow of journalists, in conveying information to the public, it must be based on correct, valid and accurate factual data. It must be confirmed before being published to the relevant parties regarding correct and accurate factual data. It must be analyzed using the correct method, so as to produce credible information. so that it becomes the basis for the leadership to make decisions, “asked Apollo

In line with the Acting Governor of South Papua, Merauke Lantamal XI Commander Brigadier General TNI (Mar) Gatot Mardiyono, said the responsibility for developing the region required the role of all parties, so that journalists also had a role to confirm before reporting big things.

“All parties must participate in developing our region, so that we can compete with other regions. When reporting big things, please confirm with me, the Danrem or the Danlanud,” said Brigadier General Gatot Mardiyono.

Meanwhile, Commander of Korem 174 / Anim Ti Waninggap (ATW) Brigadier General E Reza Pahlevi said journalists also played a role in countering confusing reports by confirming them with the authorities.

“The role of the media is very, very extraordinary, it can be as a controller, our partners and partners, that we have to provide news that is based on facts, journalists also have a role to counter news that is not true by confirming it,” said Brigadier General E Reza Pahlevi.

Although asking journalists to act as government partners, Forkopimda also hopes that journalists will be critical in carrying out their journalistic duties so that regions can be developed based on correct information.

“However, we also hope that journalists will remain critical, because critical will quickly build up to provide us with information around, good and bad institutions, one of which is the role of the press, let’s work together to remind each other,” said Air Force Commander J.A Dimara Colonel Feri Yunaldi.

Apolo Safanpo said that the South Papua Provincial Government has started to form the Papua Province Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) starting January 1, 2023.

This was expressed to journalists in a press conference. During the press conference, the Acting Governor of South Papua was also accompanied by 3 of the highest ranking TNI leaders in South Papua, Namely the Commander of Korem 174 / Anim Ti Waninggap (ATW) Brigadier General E Reza Pahlevi, Commander of Lantamal XI Merauke Brigadier General TNI (Mar) Gatot Mardiyono, Commander J.A Air Force Base Dimara Colonel Ferry Yunaldi.

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