Journalism and Journalist Competency Test in Papua – The Yapen Islands Regency Government supports the Journalists’ Competency Test Program (UKW) from the Press Council which will be held in Jayapura City, Papua Province.

This support was conveyed by the Yapen Islands Regional Secretary, Erry R Tania on the sidelines of his busy schedule while attending the inauguration of the Community Health Center (Puskesmas) in Windesi District, Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

“Previously, I conveyed an apology, because today’s busyness could not release media colleagues to go to Jayapura, but I am very grateful and thankful to the management of PWI that Yapen’s friends can carry out UKW,” said Erny.

According to Erry, support for journalists who will take part in UKW in Jayapura is a form of synergy between the Yapen Islands and the media government. She hopes that journalists can pass the UKW, so that they can increase professionalism for the press people.

“UKW is the standardization of a press in the world of journalism. Hopefully the fellow journalists who this time joined the UKW according to their level, namely young and middle, can succeed well, “she said.

She advised journalists to be able to use UKW in Jayapura as well as possible, so as to improve the quality of journalists and media concerned.

“In addition to improving the professionalism and quality of journalists, also to be able to evaluate the performance of journalists as a producer of intellectual work,” she said.

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