Jokowi Says having ever being Told in a Whisper concerning Papua would Let Go If RI Acquired Freeport – President Joko Widodo admitted that he was afraid that Papua would be separated from Indonesia. He got the news when Indonesia was about to acquire a 51 percent share in PT Freeport Indonesia in 2018.

Jokowi said that the government received a lot of frightening information at that time. In fact, there were ministers who had doubts about the plan.

“When we wanted to take Freeport back, the majority of the information I received was scary, everything was frightening. Later, Papua will be shaken, Papua will be free, America will be angry,” said Jokowi during the commemoration of the anniversary of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) in Jakarta, Wednesday (22/12).

Jokowi said that in the end all the scary things did not happen. He said that so far Indonesia has been trapped in too many fears which are not necessarily true.

The former mayor of Solo said that his decision to take over Freeport was not wrong. Even, Indonesia has already profited from the 2018 purchase.

“If we want to release again, we are very lucky, we have restored, but no (will be sold again), we are already in the majority. It is we will determine,” said Jokowi.

Jokowi said Indonesia is currently reaping the fruits of this policy. Indonesia can determine the direction of the mining company’s policy in Papua.

“In the past, just asked to build a smelter, it didn’t come true in many years. Today not happen anymore, we are already 51 percent. Establishing a smelter, even I ordered it, in Gresik has started right away because it is our owner now,” he said.

Previously, the Indonesian government acquired a majority share in PT Freeport Indonesia in 2018. The majority of the company’s shares were previously owned by PT Freeport McMoran.

At that time, the government through state-owned PT Inalum acquired Freeport with funds of US$ 3.85 billion or IDR 55.8 trillion. Indonesia also owns 51 percent of the mining company’s shares in Papua.

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