Jokowi is Welcomed by Dances Until He Buys the Noken Bags – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) arrived at Sentani Airport, Papua, at around 16.20 WIT, Friday, September 1, 2021. Jokowi is going to open the National Sports Week (PON) and announce officially a number of infrastructures.

The Head of State immediately put on the Noken. His arrival was greeted with a typical Sentani Welcome dance accompanied by tifa beats that enlivened the welcome.

On the way to the hotel, Jokowi briefly stopped. He bought a Noken or Papuan knitted bag from a street vendor.

Initially, President Joko Widodo stopped the presidential entourage’s journey when he saw the stalls of Papuan women. He got out of the car, then approached the stalls on Jalan Hawai Sentani, Jayapura Regency.

Jokowi looked at the typical Papuan bag, Noken, in the stalls. Then, he made a chat with the merchants.

“What is this bag?” Jokowi said in a video uploaded to the Presidential Secretariat’s Youtube channel, Friday (1/10).

Paulina Adi, the owner of the stall, welcomed Jokowi in a friendly manner. She explained that her merchandise was genuine Papuan knitted bags.

“This bag is made of bark,” said Paulina in response to Jokowi.

After talking for a while, Jokowi decided to buy two Noken. He bought the bags without bargaining the price given by the merchant. Whereas, Jokowi has received a noken as a welcome gift at Sentani Airport.

Jokowi’s presence was greeted enthusiastically by Jayapura people. In the video, residents can be seen crowding around to get closer or just to capture Jokowi with their cellphones.

After shopping, Jokowi continued his journey to the hotel. Jokowi and his entourage will stay overnight in Jayapura.

On Saturday (2/10), Jokowi is going to attend the opening of the National Sports Week (PON) XX at the Lukas Enembe Stadium. Jokowi will open the four-year event.

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