Jokowi Hopes Papuan Youth Follow Lisa Rumbewas’ Footsteps until Boaz’s – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo gets optimistic that Papua can soon become a developed region. He also hopes that Papuan youth  can continue to develop their achievements in order to become successful.

This was said by Jokowi when opening the National Sports Week (PON) XX which was held at the Luka Enembe Stadium, Jayapura, Papua, on Saturday (2/10/2021).

“The achievements of Papuan youths must continually be maintained and we develop. The achievements of Papuan athletes such as Lisa Rumbewas, Serafi Anelies Unani Ateltiks, an athletic athletes Franklin Ramses, football Boaz Solossa must be followed by other Papuan youths,” said Jokowi as broadcast on Presidential Secretariat YouTube channel.

In addition, Jokowi asked the creativity of young people in the fields of music and cultural arts to be developed.

“Just now, We saw  that at the beginning of the opening, it made proud so much, the songs of Cuma Saya [Only Me] from M.A.C and Jangan Ganggu [Don’t Disturb] from Shine of Black will definitely be followed by works that are no less great by young Papuan people,” he added.

The former governor of DKI Jakarta said that the the Lukas Enembe Stadium which has an international scale is not the only symbol of progress in Papua. Papua’s progress, he said, can also be seen from the connectivity of the sea, air and land. For example, ports untill airports increasingly grow up.

“The development of Papuan human resources is another achievement of very proud progress of Papua. In addition to continuing to improve the quality and quantity of formal educational institutions, just this morning I also inaugurated the start of the construction of the Papua Youth Creative Hub to create successful entrepreneurs, who can increase the added value from the potentials existing in Papua,” said Jokowi.

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