Jokowi Hands Over 31 Social Forest Decrees [SK] for 5,246 Heads of Families in Papua – President Joko Widodo handed over 31 Decrees of Social Forests covering an area of ​​36,003 hectares for 5,246 heads of families (KK) in Papua Province.

The handover was conducted virtually by President Joko Widodo from North Sumatra Province, followed by 19 other provinces in Indonesia at the Kominfo Papua office hall, Thursday 3 February 2022.

In addition to the 31 Social Forest Decrees, the Papua Provincial Government, in this case the Papua Provincial Forestry Service, received 6 Decrees (SK) on Land Objects for Agrarian Reform (TORA) from Jokowi.

The Head of the Papua Forestry and Environment Service (DKLH), Yan Yap Ormuseray, appreciates and has grateful for the submission of the SK Forest Social and SK TORA, which are President Jokowi’s strategic programs.

Yan detailed 31 SKs of Social Forest covering an area of ​​36,003 hectares intended for 5,246 families, while 6 Blue Decrees (Decrees for releasing Forest Areas through Boundary Changes) covering an area of ​​8,873 hectares or 88,730,000 square meters were intended for 264 recipients.

“For those of 264 recipients of the Blue Decree, namely Mimika, Nabire, Keerom, Merauke, Biak Numfor and Jayapura Regencies. There are 31 Social Forest Decrees and have been handed over to the community,” said Yan.

He hopes that the Tora Decree and the Social Forest Decree can be put to good use, thereby adding economic value to the family, and can be used for real for the receiving and managing communities.

“We hope that the virtual handover of the SK will be the start for the community to do business, where the community already has legal certainty over the land, we fully support the community to cultivate it,” he said.

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