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John Waromi, A Poet and A Writer of a Novel on Papuan Ecology

goodmorningpapua.com. – John Waromi or Johnie Waromi is the pen name of Fredie Johnie Waromi (born and raised in Hollandia, since 1962 called Kota Jayapura, on August 6, 1960; 57 years old) is an Indonesian writer from Papua. John Waromi comes from the Ambai Tribe. After completing his education at the Joint High School, he studied for several years (not finished) at FIHES, (Faculty of Economic and Social Law / Law Department) Cendrawasih University at Jayapura, Papua.

As a member of scout, in 1983 he participated in a training with the Indonesian Navy Army cadets on a training ship for the Indonesian Navy, KRI DEWA RUCI for going around Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan. In 1986 he moved to Jakarta and worked at the National Scout Movement and was sent for joining a education at the 1987 Indonesian Graphic Center. At the same time he got acquainted with the Bengkel Theater artist group and its leader, the poet WS. Rendra.

In 2001, he briefly stopped working due to get amnesia after having a victim of violence due to an investigative coverage of a murder case. However, in 2006, he was able to become a participant in the Ubud Writers Festival after one of the writings he wrote while at the Rendra Theater Workshop was selected. In 2015, John Waromi became one of Indonesia’s representatives at the Frankfurt Book Fair after being invited by Fauzi Bowo.

Papua is the main background in every work he makes. In the novel Anggadi Tupa Menuai Badai, he tells about the people who come from his tribe, the Ambai Tribe, in protecting and defending their environment from the damage going on. Meanwhile, in his collection of poetry, Sulur-Sulur Sali, he describes the injustice experienced by John in Papua.

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