JICA and Japan’s Yamagata Prefecture Praise the Agricultural Products of Kampung Sereh

goodmorningpapua.com – Delegations from the International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Yamagata Prefecture from Japan praised the agricultural products in Kampung Sereh, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

The village, which is located in Sentani Kota District, Jayapura Regency, has agricultural land which is managed by the Otauw Mokho Farmer Group very well.

“Agricultural products in Kampung Sereh are very advanced and well managed,” said Okamura from JICA in his remarks in Kampung Sereh, Jayapura Regency, Friday, July 21, 2022.

Okamura said that the friendship between the Government of Papua and Japan has a long history in agriculture. So that it is hoped that this good relationship will continue to exist, so that it can improve the agricultural sector in Papua.

“I am very grateful to be in Jayapura, especially in Kampung Sereh, because apart from being well received, I can also see and enjoy the agricultural products of the local community,” he said.

It is planned that JICA and Yamagata Prefecture will conduct an agricultural program in the near future in Papua. One of the selected areas is Kampung Sereh.

Otauw Mokho Farmer’s Group Is Special Appreciated

The chairman of the Yamagata and Papua Friendship Association, Yosida, said that the farmer group in Kampung Sereh was very special. This is because the Otauw Mokho Farmers Group is a group consisting of indigenous Papuan women

“What we met previously was managed by mixed communities, but in this Otauw Mokho (farmer) group, all Papuans are indigenous Papuans (OAP) and that is very special,” he said.

Yosida also admitted that he was impressed with the reception of traditional dances performed by Sanggar Hehera from Kampung Sereh. “We express our gratitude and thanks also for the welcome traditional dances from the indigenous people here,” he said.

Hope for Cooperation in Agriculture

Meanwhile, the Head of Kampung Sereh, Steven Eluay appreciated the presence of the delegates from the Sakura country. “Today we welcome and show them the agricultural products that have been done by the women in Kampung Sereh,” he said.

Steven explained that the excellent agricultural results in Kampung Sereh were thanks to the determination and enthusiasm of the group of women who were members of the Otauw Mokho Farmer’s Group.

He hopes that there will be good cooperation between Kampung Sereh and the Regional Government with JICA and Yamagata Prefecture in the field of agricultural development.

“We also ask that there are representatives from Kampung Sereh to be trained in Japan, so that the knowledge gained can be applied in Kampung Sereh in order to improve the community’s economy,” he said.

After visiting Kampung Sereh, the group of Japanese delegates carried on their trip to Komba Sentani to visit agricultural land managed by local farmer groups.

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