Jerome Polin, Education, and Papua – A YouTuber, Jerome Polin, shares his experience of being a classroom teacher for the first time. Jerome Polin had the opportunity to teach mathematics directly in class to children at the Yapari Alom Wamena Elementary School, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua.

“Today, in Wamena, Papua, for the first time I present to class at school and taught mathematics!!,” wrote Jerome Polin from Instagram @jeromepolin, Friday (29/4/2022).

“At first I was nervous, but in the end it was really fun! So far, we have only been able to teach mathematics through social media. Finally, I was able to teach directly. SO HAPPY!,” he wrote.

The YouTuber who owns the Nihongo Mantappu channel is happy when the students understand the subject matter he teaches. Not only giving lesson materials, Jerome also had fun with the children in the class, including the distribution of gifts. “Then we took pictures together, distributed gifts, just had fun, wow. Thank you, Papua, for allowing me for the first time to be a math teacher in class,” said Jerome.

That experience made Jerome passionately talk about his dream of building his own school. Jerome admitted that she was more enthusiastic about realizing his dream. “After today’s teaching experience, one of my dreams: To make my own school, I really want to make it happen!! wkwkwk,” wrote Jerome. “Later, after studying more deeply about the world of education at S2, then collecting capital, then I want to build my own school, as well as become one of the teachers there. I think it will be fun, cheers,” he said.

For information, Jerome Polin had received criticism because it was considered that he no longer served educational content on his YouTube channel. The criticism comes amid  wildlife controversy from a YouTuber, Alshad Ahmad. Jerome responded to this criticism with a lengthy rant about the variety of educational content that he presented in other ways.

Jerome said, he still inserts education even though the content is now in the form of vlogs. “Oh, in my opinion, education is also very broad. Tell me about new words in the vlog, new culture, restaurants in Japan, or even things that my friends and I don’t explicitly say but can add information (eg Japanese road conditions), that’s also my opinion don’t include education. Yes, even though it’s not as heavy as math, science, etc.,” Jerome wrote on Instagram Story, Thursday.

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