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Jayapura Traditional Figures Urge KPK to Completely Investigate Allegations of Corruption in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The issue of corruption in Papua continues to be a public discussion after the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) stipulated Papua Governor Lukas Enembe a suspect. The community and local leaders in Papua looked furious. The reason is that because of corruption cases, development in the region has been hampered. They are also busy urging the government and law enforcement officials to take firm action against the perpetrators who are strongly indicated to be involved.

A Jayapura traditional leader, Benhur Yaboisembut, asked the KPK to be firm in the legal process because anyone who made a mistake in matters of state finances must be thoroughly investigated. The officials involved must be held accountable. “Let’s not talk about the mountains, there are no significant developments on the roads within Sentani City. This means that the Sentani people, especially the indigenous people, are victims of corruption. Any group that protects Lukas Enembe means they have enjoyed corruption money,” said Benhur, Wednesday (28/9/2022).

Benhur invited the Sentani indigenous people not to be provoked or involved in any form to defend corrupt officials. “Give the widest possible opportunity to KPK officers so that they can investigate smoothly and create a conducive Papua situation,” Benhur pleaded. To the TNI and Polri, Benhur appealed to continue to be alert and arrest groups that carried out provocations so that the investigation of Governor Lukas Enembe proceeded quickly. “Let the law judge,” said Benhur.

Benhur as the Head of the Tanah Merah Moy Tribe Customary Court, continues to coordinate and synergize with other community leaders to encourage and participate in guarding development in Papua that is clean and free from corruption by officials.

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