Jayapura, the City of Victory, Becoming a Gateway for Travel in the Land of Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – Jayapura is the capital of Papua, the easternmost province in Indonesia and directly borders with neighboring Papua New Guinea. Jayapura is now a modern city located in a bay called Yos Sudarso Bay, as well as a gateway to explore the Land of Papua. But who would have thought, Jayapura has actually changed its name several times. Initially the city founded by Infantry Captain FJP Sachse from the Kingdom of the Netherlands on March 7, 1910 was known as Hollandia.

Then in 1964, the name changed and was called Kota Baru and Sukarnopura. Finally in 1968, the city had been called Jayapura. The name Jayapura comes from the Sanskrit language which means “City of Victory”. Jaya means “victory” and “pura” means a city. In mid-2021, the population of Jayapura City is 362,998 people.

Jayapura is the gateway for extraordinary journeys to one of the biggest and most beautiful islands on the planet, namely Papua. This city is the starting point for exotic adventures in Papua, enjoying the unique culture of the local people and unspoiled natural scenery. In 1993 based on Law Number 6 of 1993, the Jayapura area was divided into two, namely Jayapura City and Regency. For the regency area with the capital city in Sentani.

Until mid-June 2001 the capital of Jayapura Regency began to move from the shoreline of Yos Sudarso Bay in the Jayapura area to Sentani, to be precise on Mount Paniau, below the foot of Mount Cyclops. Furthermore, in 2002, based on Law Number 26 of 2002 concerning the Formation of Regencies in Papua Province, the Jayapura Regency area was divided again into 3 (three) Regencies, namely Jayapura, Sarmi and Keerom Regencies.

Like big cities in Indonesia, motorized vehicles pass a lot and often cause long traffic jams. Many buildings have stood and made Jayapura a world of business investment and trade.

Not only the business world, the local government has also developed a variety of attractive tourism in Jayapura. As a city with an extraordinary history, Jayapura has many attractions to develop, especially historical tourism. Getting around the city of Jayapura doesn’t take long. The city which has both mountainous and oceanic areas stretches over an area of 940,000 hectares.

Jayapura still has a lot of attractions for anyone visiting this city. For a long time, Jayapura has been the gateway to Papua, which is now a metropolitan city in East Indonesia.

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