Jayapura Rocktober, The Rise of Papuan Rock Musicians

goodmorningpapua.com – Rock music will again echo in the sky of Jayapura City on October 29, 2022 later. Because on this “sacred” day, precisely at Taman Imbi, downtown Jayapura, a number of rock genre bands will maximally perform their respective skills in a rock music performance event titled: Jayapura Rocktober.

According to the Chair of the Jayapura Rocktober Committee, Romy Rachman, after the Covid-19 storm, rock music artists in Jayapura City were thirsty for musical performances and shows. Thus, several musicians in Jayapura City took the initiative to form a community called: Jayapura Classic Rock, which was chaired by Adhy Ardipura who was elected by acclamation.

“From this community, it is planned to perform the Jayapura Rocktober band with the hashtag #kitorangrocktoberdioktober. Jayapura Rocktober is a place for the rise of Papuan rock musicians, especially the City of Jayapura,” explained Romy, who is also known as a musician in Jayapura City, Saturday, October 1, 2022.

This rock music performance, said Romy, will feature several bands that have won the band festival, including Ardipura Band, Numbay Band, Ozone Band, Azteca Band and several others. “Each band will perform five songs, to entertain rock music lovers in Jayapura City,” he said.

Romy also said that the event for performing rock genre music in Jayapura City was thanks to the full support of the Jayapura City Tourism Office, through the Numbay Creative Forum program. “Jayapura Rocktober will conduct a road to show every night of the week until the day of the performance,” said Romy.

Besides being supported by the Jayapura City Tourism Office, this event will also be supported by Ardipura Sound and Lighting and Kopipops. “We hope that the musicians who will perform later can develop their musical talents and creativity. So that one day, they will get value from music. Also making Taman Imbi a creative space for artists in Jayapura City,” explained Romy.

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