Jayapura City Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Training

goodmorningpapua.com – A total of 190 joint officers participated in a tsunami disaster mitigation training at Holtekamp Beach, Muara Tami District, Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

This mitigation training is a joint training organized by Korem 172 Praja Wira Yakthi. This joint training involved elements of the TNI-Polri, Basarnas Jayapura and BBMKG Region V Jayapura.

Pasi Ren Korem 172/PWY, Major Justik Handinata said this exercise was held to prepare personnel for emergency response to natural disasters, both earthquakes and tsunamis.

The exercise begins with pre-disaster by preparing personnel to deal with natural disasters that may occur at any time. Then proceed with the simulation of the handling of the victims of the tsunami disaster.

The handling includes the evacuation of survivors and those who died from natural disasters. “This simulation was carried out from preparation to handling victims at the Command Post, including treatment for survivors,” explained Justik.

Meanwhile, a Head of Samapta Polresta Jayapura, City AKP Septinus Osleky appreciated Korem 172/PWY for carrying out this joint exercise in handling natural disasters.

As stated by him, this joint exercise is very positive, because the current situation, especially in the Jayapura city area, often rains accompanied by strong winds, so this exercise is very important.

“This is done to anticipate if at any time a natural disaster occurs, so that we are all ready to face it. However, I pray that this will not happen in Jayapura City,” hoped Septinus.

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