Jayapura City Government Distributes Papua PON Tourism Bhrocures

goodmorningpapua.com – Jayapura city presents various kinds ofthe hits and instagramable  tourist objects. The tourism destinations in the capital city of Papua are very suitable to be included in the list of destinations for athletes and guests of PON XX.

Well, the Government of Jayapura City has prepared a tourist brochure for  guests of PON XX. This brochure has been distributed on every bus or transportation that will be used by athletes or officials.

These tourism destinations are scattered around the venue where athletes will compete in PON XX. “We have conveyed the tour around the venue through brochures distributed to buses for athletes and officials. In addition to tourist attractions, there are also places to eat nearby,” said Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tomi Mano in Jayapura, Friday, September 10, 2021.

Tomi Mano took the example of Hamadi Beach tourism located around the Layar Venue. Around the beach there are also cafes providing seafood menus or cafe menus in general.

Likewise, the Paddle Venue which is located in the Holtekamp Beach area. This location is also a tourist destination for local tourists. “Before going to the venue, we will also pass the Youtefa Bridge which is one of the icons of Jayapura City,” said Tomi.

Another example of a tourist attraction is a beach of Base G which is famous for its white sand. This tourist attraction is easy to reach and located not far from the Mandala Stadium which will be used for the  matches of PON XX.

In addition to preparing tourist brochures, the Jayapura City Government is also anticipating traffic jams during the PON XX. One way to do this is to apply odd-even, which will be carried out by the Papuan Police.

“To anticipate traffic jams during PON XX, the Papuan Police carried out odd-even, and this policy must be regulated and a grand design made, because of that long buses will be regulated by the transportation section and the Traffic Directorate,” explained Tomi who is also the Head of Sub-PB PON XX Cluster. Jayapura City.

To suppress crime, the Jayapura City Government temporarily closed the license to sell liquor. Not only that, the government has also coordinated with the police to close liquor shops.

“D-7, we will temporarily close the alcohol license, lest it be said that Papuans are alcoholics and sleep on the streets, especially when there are people who are harassing us, it is a shame for us, so that we will control it” said Tomi Mano.

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