Jammi Appreciates the Religious Leaders Participating in Handling the Pandemic in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The government has taken various ways to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in Papua. One of them is by invoking assistance from traditional and religious leaders to give education about Covid-19 to people living in the inland of Papua and West Papua.

In this regard, the Indonesian Young Mubalig Network (Jammi), Irfaan Sanoesi appreciates the contribution of Papuan traditional and religious leaders in dealing with the Covid-19 problem and economic recovery in Papua.

“The handling of Covid is a collective work. No matter which religion and ethnicity you are. The most important thing is about humanity. The key word is mutual cooperation,” said Irfaan in a written statement in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/11).

Furthermore, Irfaan said that the contribution of religious and traditional leaders was greatly felt by many Papuan people.

‚ÄúTraditional or religious figures can indeed function as social actors who can influence the community. This is done to ensure that information related to the prevention of Covid-19 can be understood and applied properly by people in the inland of Papua and West Papua,” he said.

In addition, Irfaan expressed the vital role of the Church as a medium of socialization. Moreover, in Papua and West Papua the Church is so widely spread to the hinterland. The religious leaders are also role model for community so that their advice is heard and implemented.

As stated by him, the socialization of the prevention of Covid-19 by these figures was conveyed in religious activities that were routinely carried out by the community. Although most places of worship in Papua and West Papua are still closed, socialization continues to do with different applications.

“So there is worship online, then these religious leaders say at the beginning before worship begins, or there is also at the end of Sunday worship, the Pastor conveys the message of preventing Covid-19 from cell phones,” he said.

“We are experiencing this pandemic, we must collaborate to end this pandemic. The trick is to take care of each other, and everyone is safe. I take care of you, you must also take care of me so that we will all be safe,” he said.

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