IWK of Bone Papua is Expected to Become a Development Bridge in Papua

goodmorningpapua.com – The inauguration and stipulation of board of the IWK (Women’s Family Association) of Bone, Papua Province, is expected to jointly assist the Papuan provincial government in carrying out its vision and mission, such as the proverb where the earth is stepped on, where the sky is upheld.

 The Governor of Papua through the Governor’s Expert Staff, Social Affairs and Human Resources of Papua Province, Elsye Penina Rumbekwan, explained that the inauguration and stipulation of IWK Bone Papua Province in 2022-2027 is the first step in implementing responsibility as an organization, in the community.

  She continued, through this inauguration, it is hoped that the new IWK board of Papua will be able to conduct its work program with full professionalism, and high dedication in order to advance regional, nation and state organizations.

  “The Governor of Papua hopes that the Chair DPP of the IWK Bone can bring this organization into a bridge, where Bone women can mingle together with our brothers and sisters in Papua Province so that together we can build Papua Province,” she told goodmorningpapua.com, Saturday. (11/6) ago.

The governor also expressed his gratitude to the Chairman of the DPP IWK Bone, because as a doctor at the Abepura Hospital, she has brought changes both in terms of service and the appearance of the hospital for the better.

  “The Governor of Papua hopes that, through the experience of the chairman of the Papua IWK DPP, as a doctor, she can lead this organization to act more professionally in advancing the people in Papua Province,” he explained.

  The Bone Family Women’s Association, which is an important part of the Bone community family association, as a social organization, and government partner is expected to provide support in development, especially in mobilizing the potential of female intellectuals to work together with the government to develop an Indonesian culture especially in Papua.

  “The Governor of Papua hopes that IWK will always develop themselves, work and progress with other women’s organizations in Papua, even the new board is expected to provide more value for all Bone women in Papua and also other women and children in Papua,” she explained.

   Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Central Bone IWK DPN, Hj. Nurwasih Nur said that the inauguration of the DPP IWK Bone Papua Province was carried out in order to make that whatever has been conveyed as the vision and mission of the IWK Bone Papua, can be implemented, even in accordance with the mandate set by the Central IWK Bone.

  “I also entrust to the Governor of Papua, IWK Bone Papua Province and I hope they can also unite with the Papuan government, because where the earth is stepped on there the sky is upheld,” she explained.

 A Chairman of the DPP IWK Bone Papua Province, dr. Hj. Jumilarita, SpA.M.Kes explained, from this inauguration IWK Papua Province has 4 objectives that will be carried out during the 2022-2027 term of service.

  “First we have a program to improve the welfare of mothers and children, here’s how we can empower the mothers of the Bone family to be creative independent and even empower natural resources in Papua,” she said.

   She continued, the increase in IWK Bone members, which the Bone Women’s Association hopes, can really benefit the people in Papua, not only internally, but all elements of society in Papua can benefit from the presence of IWK Bone Papua.

  The third is the strengthening of the system, namely by strengthening the system to respond to the interests of the community, especially the people of Papua. And no less important is the management of change, namely through a joint commitment not only to the Bone Family Women’s Association but to all people in Papua.

  With these 4 programs, IWK Bone Papua hopes to establish partnerships with the Papuan provincial government and Jayapura City and all communities.

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