Ivon Dike, a Papuan Star for Gold Medal in Dragon Boat Branch

goodmorningpapua.com – The Papuan contingent is never empty of achievements in the rowing sport. At least, the rowing branch has always been a gold barn in the last few editions of PON. The dragon boat or Traditional Boat Race (TBR) is one of Papua’s superiorities.

At the PON XIX event in West Java in 2016, the rowing team of Papuan dragon boat won 6 medals and got second for the medal of the rowing sport of dragon boat, or only lost to the home team.

This achievement has been still making the rowing sport of dragon boat discipline the prima donna for Papua to gain a gold medal in PON XX.

Talking about the Papua women’s dragon boat team, it means that it cannot be separated from the figure of a potential athlete, Ivon Marlin Dike, who is one of the pillars of their 12 rowers.

The rower who was born in Jayapura Regency, March 18, 1999, is in the same age as Stevani Maysche Ibo (one of Papua’s main rowers). He also started his career as a professional rower through PPLP in 2013.

“At the begining, I joined the rowing team starting from 2013 in the junior team or PPLP and in 2014, praise to be God I took part in the senior selection and I passed, and then started joining the senior team from 2014.  The first number I participated in was the female dragon boat. 12 rowers and a mixed dragon boat, 22 rowers in Makassar,” said Ivon, Sunday (25/7/21).

In his debut, Ivon and the femal dragon boat team of Papua successfully won 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. Still with the same team, Ivon again contributed to present 3 gold medals at the 2015 Pre-PON event in Palembang

In PON XIX West Java, although they failed to match the achievements in Pre-PON, again Ivon and the femal dragon boat team of Papua succeeded to bring home a medal with 1 gold and 2 silver medals, plus 1 bronze in the Kayak event.

Ivon Dike’s achievements are also quite shining in Kayak number. He won 2 silver medals at the Junior Championships in Palembang in 2017 and 1 silver medal at Pre PON 2019. Still in the same year, Ivon and the dragon boat team again presented 2 silver medals for the President’s Cup and 3 gold medals in Pre PON.

Ahead of the PON XX at her region, Ivon said he was optimistic that he and his colleagues on the dragon boat could again donate gold medals to the Papuan contingent.

 “The progress of our dragon boat rowing for women is indeed good at this time, and at the Pre-PON 2019 at that time we took three numbers (1000 m, 500 m, and 200 m) and we won gold medals there. So we are still optimistic that we can get 2 gold medals in the PON XX for the female dragon boat later. Because in West Java PON, we got 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals for female, and for male, we got 1 silver and 1 bronze,” said Vines.

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