Involving Kemtuk Gresi Jayapura People in Watershed Rehabilitation – PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) obtained a Borrow-to-Use Forest Area Permit (IPPKH) based on a Decree from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) Number SK. 590/MENLH/SETJEN/PLA.0/12/2018, concerning Lend-to-Use Forest for PTFI copper mining, operation and production activities and its supporting facilities consisting of protected and limited production forests covering an area of ​​3,810.61 hectares of forest in Mimika Regency, Papua Province.

Based on the permit, PTFI is obliged to pay Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) for the use of forest areas and for planting as part of the rehabilitation of Watershed Areas (DAS).

The determination of 5 PTFI DAS Rehabilitation locations in Papua Province was based on the Decree of the Minister of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) No. 5923/Menlhk-PDASRH/KTA/DAS.1/7/2022 Dated 5 July 2022 on Amendments to the Decree of the Minister of Environment and Forestry No. SK. 3578/MENLHK-PDASHL/KTA/DAS.1/6/2020 concerning Determination of Planting Locations for the Rehabilitation of Watersheds by PT Freeport Indonesia, covering an area of ​​4,232 ha.

Gesang Setiyadi, PTFI’s VP Environmental explained that based on the decree above, the watershed rehabilitation in Jayapura Regency which will begin in 2021 to 2025 will cover an area of ​​4,232 ha, covering several locations namely East Sentani, Kemtuk, Waiba, West Sentani, Depapre, Ebungfauw, Kemtuk Gresi , Gresi Selatan, Abepura and Heram.

The implementation of watershed rehabilitation starts from planting to maintaining and harvesting, referring to the Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation No. P. 59 of 2019. The purpose of this activity is to restore, maintain forest areas as a life support system in the vicinity and improve the local community’s economy for the long term from plants resulting from watershed rehabilitation which can be used as an economic source. In the long term, it is hoped that the DAS rehabilitation plants that have been planted can be used as a new economic resource because 25% of the plants to be planted are fruit trees that have economic value.

One of the locations for the PTFI Watershed Rehabilitation area which was declared (planting) on ​​Tuesday 22 November 2022 was the Kemtuk District, located in Jayapura Regency with an area of ​​594.56 ha.

The area consists of 4 blocks and 19 plots spread across the villages: Mamda, Mamei, Nanbom and Kwansu, the entire PTFI Kemtuk District DAS Rehabilitation area, including the Grime DAS. Previously PTFI had carried out planting activities in 2021 covering an area of ​​7.5 hectares in the East Sentani District.

Also attending the event was the Deputy Regent of Jayapura Regency, Mr. Giri Wijayantoro, who also opened the PTFI Watershed Rehabilitation.

Currently, 19 Kemtuk District working groups have been formed with a total of 291 members who are local people. The involvement of local people is needed so that the objectives of the watershed rehabilitation can be achieved optimally and can increase the productivity of forest use.

To support the success of the watershed rehabilitation program in the 4 villages above, working groups have been established consisting of 5 working groups in Mamda Village, 2 working groups in Mamei Village, 9 working groups in Nambon Village and 4 working groups in Kwasu Village.

The responsibility of each working group is to carry out planting activities including clearing the planting area of ​​weeds, planting stakes, digging plant holes, mixing plant media in the form of compost, distributing plants in each planting hole, planting seeds as well as maintaining the plants for the next 2 years from threats land fires and weeds.

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