Involved in Politics, Olvah Alhamid Wants to Do Something for Papua – The name Olvah Alhamid stole the public’s attention after entering the top 5 Miss Indonesia as a representative from Papua. Olvah became the first Papuan woman to win the title of Puteri Indonesia Intelligence in 2015, until she became Miss Eco Universe 2016.

After that, Olvah Alhamid was active in the modeling world. Not only in Indonesia, her work as a model had successfully penetrated to New York, United States, in 2018-2020, before returning to his country of birth due to the lockdown. With dark skin and curly hair typical of Papua, Olvah wants to show that beauty does not have to follow the stigma of white skin.

“I worked hard to be able to go to America. I saved money by building a shop in Bali for three years. After that I used all my savings to go to America. In America I was working in restaurants, I didn’t necessarily rely on savings. I want to prove I can afford it, ” she explained.

Even though she had had traveled to various countries, Olvah Alhamid has not forgotten his homeland. Olvah wants to do something for the Papuan people, especially in terms of welfare and education. That’s what prompted Olvah to enter the world of politics. Olvah chose the Nasdem party as her first home.

“When I feel that here there is no gap between the young and the old, nor is there a gap between women and men. Everyone gets the same position in cheerful politics. And what also made me believe in joining, women are very much supported in Nasdem, ” she said.

It is undeniable that the world of politics is still often viewed cynically by some people. Politics is considered dirty and only filled by people who are hungry for power. In this regard, Olvah wants to prove that politics is not as gloomy as people think. Through politics,she believes that herself  can do something for many people.

“People say that politics is dirty, but I want to prove that if the good ones don’t dare to step into politics, the dirty ones will not be eroded,” she concluded.

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