Internet Disruptions in Jayapura Papua Starts to Be Resolved – Head of the Papuan Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo) Jery A Yudianto said that the telecommunications network in the Jayapura region, Papua, was slowly recovering. This afternoon, the internet network started working.

“It was more or less at 12.30 WIB or 14.30 WIT, the network is slowly but surely starting to work,” said Jery in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/6/2021).

He said that ASTINET Telkom’s service traffic in the Jayapura area had started to increase to 70 percent of the available quota.

He hoped that the telecommunications network would gradually return to normal, considering that the disturbances in the affected areas had lasted more than a month.

President Director of PT Telkom Ririek Adriansyah at a press conference in Jakarta, Monday (7/6), promised that the process of restoring the submarine cable network of Sulawesi Maluku Papua Cable System (SMPCS) to the Biak-Jayapura section which was cut off on April 30 will be finished within one to two the day ahead.

Previously, there was a telecommunication disruption in Jayapura due to the disconnection of the submarine cable communication system owned by PT Telkom for the Biak-Jayapura segment on April 30.

From the results of the temporary investigation, the break in the submarine cable was caused by natural factors.

The total capacity affected by the breakdown of the submarine cable network is 154 Gbps. The total normal traffic throughout Papua is 464 Gbps.

As a short-term mitigation, Telkom provides a backup link with capacity of 4.7 Gbps, supported by the utilization of 2,662 Mbps satellite links, 500 Mbps East Palapa Ring long haul radio, and 1,600 Mbps Sarmi-Biak long haul radio.

Previously, Kominfo targeted the total recovery of the internet network in Papua by June 2021.

Papua is indeed an area targeted by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics to obtain massive infrastructure development in 2021 and 2022 so as to obtain optimal telecommunication access.

The infrastructure development is also part of the program to provide equitable services in the 3T area.

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