Inspired by Cassowaries, Hara and Wara Become the Mascots of 2021 XVI Papua Peparnas – The 2021 XVI Papua National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) on 2-15 November 2021 is ready to be held in Papua Province. The main national sporting event for persons with disabilities will take place in the City/Regency of Jayapura.

This time, Peparnas brought Hara and Wara as the mascots of 2021 XVI Papua Peparnas. The mascot was inspired by the cassowary, consisting of a male and a female. The cassowary symbolizes the uniqueness of mountainous animals on the island of Papua.

Besides, the cassowary is said to reflect the motivation to live without giving up in any situation, being responsible, independent, and quick to respond to every chance and opportunity.

Hara and Wara are depicted wearing uniforms with the motif of the number 16. It reflects the implementation of the 16th National National Education Day. Then, the mascot wears a Noken which is a characteristic of Papuan culture, containing economic and social values.

Not only mascots, elements of local culture such as the traditional honai house and musical instruments at Tifa also color the symbols of the 2021 Peparnas. “One Heart in Achieving Goals, Creating Achievements” is the main theme of the Papua National Tourism Agency.

The presence of Hara and Wara is expected to be able to add to the excitement of the National Tournament which is being held in the easternmost province of Indonesia. The success of Papua Province in organizing XX PON on 2-15 October 2021 has also become an encouraging for the enthusiasm of the Papua National National Park officials.

The implementation of Peparnas this time is different from the previous one, because it was held in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Every match in this National Tournament must comply with strict health protocols, as also happened during the Papua PON.

The strict health protocols during Peparnas Papua must be a priority for athletes, officials, and the public who will witness the struggles of athletes with special needs from various regions in the country.

Wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer must remain a common concern. The government is optimistic that this Papua edition Peparnas event can run safely, successfully and smoothly. Not only that, successful achievements are also expected.

A Mandala Jayapura Stadium will be the location for the opening ceremony of Peparnas XVI on November 5, 2021. The Peparnas committee has also held meetings with the TNI-Polri and coordinated in preparing for the activity.

Peparnas Papua will compete in 12 sports. For about 1,985 athletes who competed will compete for achievement.

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