Indra Bekti Talks about the Benefits of the Sea Toll Road in Papua for His Business – A celebrity and an entrepreneur Indra Bekti said he was grateful for the presence of a sea toll road in Indonesia. The reason is that the delivery process for Indrabekti Rice (high quality Indramayu rice) that he produces can be easier and faster. “I really feel it, especially in the current pandemic that the facilities, the innovations from the Ministry of Transportation are extraordinary,” he said, Monday (7/6/2021).

Indra said that before the sea tol road was introduced, the price of rice if sent to Eastern Indonesia such as Papua could rise sharply. But now, with the sea toll, shipping costs can be cheaper so that the costs do not swell and the selling price over there is also affordable.

“In the past it was possible, for example, if we wanted to send it to Papua, the price of rice would be more expensive, but now with the sea tol road, this is extraordinary. Delivery of goods is very easy and fast, so that the price is affordable for Papua,” he said.

Separately, the Directorate General of Sea Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation through the Jayapura Class II Harbormaster and Port Authority (KSOP) steadily make efforts to optimize the sea toll program in Papua in order to achieve the main goal of the sea toll program, namely reducing price disparities in the region. Head of the Jayapura Class II Harbormaster and Port Authority Office (KSOP Class II Jayapura) Taher Laitupa said that the implementation of the sea tol road in Papua is a manifestation of one of the visions of Indonesia’s maritime axis. The sea toll road in the area is Route T-19 with the KM Logistik Nusantara 2 fleet.

“The presence of the sea toll road, in addition to reduce price disparities, can also increase local production commodities and improve the regional economy. Everything can be realized if all elements work together to synergize and coordinate,” he said some time ago.

Meanwhile, the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation, Adita Irawati, said that since it was first launched by President Joko Widodo in 2015, the program of maritime tol road is claimed to continually increase and develop. “In 2021, the Ministry of Transportation will add 4 new routes, so that currently there are 30 sea toll routes in total.

This has grown tremendously compared to previous years,” he said. In his view, the addition of the route involves 106 ports, consisting of 9 base ports and 97 stopover ports. The presence of this route makes the reach of the marine highway program to be wider.

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