Indonesian Independence Carnival, YPK Fakfak High School Looks Unique Like a Journalist – The 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia was warmly welcomed by students in Fakfak Regency, West Papua on Monday 15 August 2022.

The excitement was clearly visible from the independence carnival which started from the Basketball Court to the front of the Tugu Satu Tungku Tiga Batu [One Stoves Three Stones] Reclamation Beach, Fakfak Regency.

For about 49 participants from senior high schools (SMA) and high schools (SMU) also enlivened the carnival which was opened by the Fakfak Regional Secretary, H Ali Baham Temongmere.

Uniquely, there are three students from YPK Fakfak High School who look different in costumes like journalists or journalists. The three of them wore short black jackets that read YPK Fakfak High School journalist.

Not only that, the three students identified as Sangadia Garamatan, Jamila Aberi Iba and Havan Olivia Hindom, also carried cameras that were hung around their necks.

The Fakfak Regional Secretary, H Ali Baham said, for every educational unit that participates in the carnival, the majority will display general professions that are of interest to the public, such as the TNI, police and doctors.

Most participants will also wear cultural costumes, professions and also perform regional dances. However, continued Ali, there were participants who chose to wear costumes like a fisherman and farmer, even as a journalist.

“YPK Fakfak High School, which is a participant in the carnival, presents a different profession from the others, which is costumed like a journalist,” said Ali Baham to reporters.

Ali also appreciated all parties and the community who participated in the carnival. He also invited all parties to inflame the spirit of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia at a fixed price.

“Hopefully, keep the spirit and let’s lower the spirit of the Republic of Indonesia, fight for red and white and continue this spirit to our children and grandchildren in this land we love,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Principal of YPK Fakfak High School, Kristina Widi Patria, told that she had a strong reason for presenting the journalist profession. “YPK Fakfak High School has tried to cultivate this profession in the school environment.

We often display various activities of YPK Fakfak High School on the YouTube channel,” he explained.

Kristina said that her party had empowered students to take pictures and then broadcast them through the youtube channel. Although, he admits, there is no special training for students.

“We try to introduce them (students) about this profession,” he said.

Sangadia Garamatan, one of the school journalists from YPK Fakfak High School admitted that it was the first time he appeared dressed as a journalist in an independence carnival.

“We want to introduce this profession, especially since this is the first time we are showing it. So that people will know too,” he said while showing a camera made of cardboard and bamboo created by the school.

The same thing was conveyed by Jamila Aberi Iba, who was appointed by the school and wanted to introduce the profession. “I want it because it’s challenging. Right, this is not too popular, right, “said Havana Olivia, adding.

Previously, the Organizing Committee for the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in Fakfak had previously held a kindergarten, elementary and junior high school carnival on Saturday, August 13, 2022.

The Fakfak Carnival was appreciated by the residents of Fakfak Regency, even along the highway that was passed by the carnival participants was filled with enthusiastic people watching the carnival.

As stated by Nur Ida, one of the residents of Kampung Kayumerah who saw the enthusiasm of the Fakfak community was very high watching this year’s independence carnival.

“There will also be a katinting boat race, katong (we) will definitely come, many residents will come to witness it,” said Nur.

From the observations of, along Jalan Baru (Reclamation Beach) which was the finishing point of the participants, it was even crowded with residents and street vendors. In addition to the area, residents also packed the Street in front of the State House which became the point of judgment for the carnival jury.

In this year’s carnival, the Fakfak Regency Government is expected to apply the theme of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day, namely “Recovering Faster, Awakening Stronger” [Pulih Lebih Cepat Bangkit Lebih Kuat].

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