Indigenous Peoples Recognition for the sake of Papuan Development – In recent days, the Customary Territory Registration Agency (BRWA) has implemented a number of strategies for mapping customary territories, starting from collecting profiles of indigenous peoples and submitting proposals for territorial recognition.

BRWA also assists local governments in the identification and verification process. Also assisting the Indigenous Peoples Task Force (GTMA) of Jayapura Regency in mapping to the determination of indigenous peoples.

In a nutshell, the central government through the Ministry of ATR/BPN is currently carrying out structuring through the Inclusive Sustainable Agrarian Arrangement System. A Deputy Minister Surya Tjandra and his staff are also seeking to combine the Agrarian Reform Task Force (GTRA) with GTMA.

Up to now, BRWA has succeeded in pushing the birth of one Perdasus [Special Local Regulation) for the recognition of indigenous peoples and three local regulations for the recognition of indigenous peoples in the districts of Tambrauw, Sorong and Teluk Bintuni. Besides, the Committee for Indigenous Peoples was formed in Tambrauw Regency and Bintuni Bay in West Papua.

Meanwhile in Papua, three Perdasus on Recognition of Indigenous Peoples, Forest Management and Communal Lands were published. Not only that, there are two Regional Regulations for Recognition and Protection of Indigenous Peoples in Asmat and Jayapura. The GTMA in Jayapura and the Ulayat Land Study Team in Sarmi Regency were also formed to fight for the status of recognition of indigenous peoples.

“We need to ensure that the participatory mapping of 11 million ha of customary territories can be returned to the community intact,” said Director of BRWA Kasmita Widodo when discussing the participatory mapping of indigenous territories throughout Indonesia that had been proposed by the government.

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