Increasing Lecturer Resource, Uncen Will Open an Engineer Professional Education in 2022 – The Faculty of Engineering, Cenderawasih University [Uncen], Jayapura plans to open a professional engineering education in 2022.

Universities in any world conduct an academic education, carry out a vocational education and carry out a professional education.

Jhoni said that a vocational education is diploma education, and furthermore, engineer professional education is almost the same as medical professional education.

“So, if a medical graduate finishes from the Faculty of Medicine, he or she must follow the profession, so does an engineer professional education,” he said.

For that, he said, in the future Uncen must open a professional engineering education so that lecturers who meet the criteria can become engineers.

For him, his party is only in the stage of drafting the engineering profession, first IPP, IPM, and IPU (main implementing engineer). Until now, Uncen only has five engineers.

“We need six people who have the requirements for the title of engineer so that they can open an engineer professional education program, we plan for next year,” he added.

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