Increasing Catfish Cultivation, Breeders from Puncak Papua Learns to Bogor – The potential for catfish development in Puncak Regency is quite large. Unfortunately, the productivity is still low, since some people have not been able to cultivate catfish professionally.

This pushed the Agriculture and Plantation Office of Puncak Regency to hold a training on catfish cultivation by bringing 12 representatives from the catfish farming group from Puncak Regency to attend the training to Bogor, for training on catfish cultivation. The training is scheduled to last one week and has started from 28 July 2022.

The location chosen as a training place for catfish aquaculture farmers belonging to Abba Hasarudin is in Sukabirus village, Megamendung sub-district. Abba’s catfish cultivation can be known as Sangkuriang catfish cultivation.

A Head of the Agriculture and Plantation Service of Puncak Regency, Dasin Kogoya, SE, MM said the training for catfish cultivating was conducted to support the vision and mission of the Regent and Deputy Regent of Puncak, namely improving the economic welfare of the community by utilizing local potentials in Puncak Regency, one of which is catfish cultivation. .

“Actually, this training is in Jayapura. We took the policy of bringing farmer groups directly to Bogor with limited funds. Hopefully, they will get the right knowledge to take home,” he said.

So far, the Agriculture and Plantation Office of Puncak Regency has distributed catfish seeds to farmer groups to cultivate catfish. Along the way, this cultivation did not develop, due to lack of knowledge about catfish farming, so the agency tried to bring these farmer groups to study directly in Bogor.

During one week of training, participants will receive training related to catfish farming materials, Good Fish Hatchery (CPIB) mating, hatching eggs, rearing larvae/seeds in a controlled environment, through the application of the right technology, so that the success rate of fish farming in good weather in ilaga, really growing.

So far, to meet the needs of fish in Puncak, residents usually take from Nabire and Timika at an expensive price.

“The target is 2023, catfish can be sold in Ilaga Market and its surroundings, so that people can get an economic improvement,” he explained.

One of the Wainus Tabuni participants welcomed this training. He believed that himself can develop catfish cultivating in Puncak Regency. Moreover, the harvest time is also quite fast, only a month.

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