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Inaugurating Some Offices Proving that Papua Provincial Government Never Keeps Silent

goodmorningpapua.com – Head of Bappeda Papua Province, Yohanes Walilo, said that with the inauguration of several magnificent office buildings in the land of Papua. Providing an explanation to the public that the government has never been silent, but through the leadership of Lukas Enembe and the late Klemen Tinal much has been done.

Like the inauguration of four monumental buildings in Jayapura City which were built by the Papua Provincial Government. These four buildings namely, the Office of the Governor of Papua, MRP, KPU and the Papua Goods and Services Procurement Bureau.

“From a planning standpoint, over the past 10 years we have made a lot in Papua Province and also districts/cities,” said Walilo.

As conveyed by Walilo, the monumental building built was in accordance with the plan. At the same time, there were 4 buildings that were also built by the Papuan government, namely the governor’s office building, the KPU office, MRP and the Goods and Services building.

Besides that, said Walilo, in previous years. The Papua Provincial Government is also building venues in 4 regional clusters, especially in Jayapura. Several large venues include the Lukas Enembe stadium, Istora and other international standard venues.

“This is a success and we are not standing still, we are doing a lot for the people of Papua. The Governor’s Office Building which was inaugurated will serve the community and for service purposes. This building is not only for ASN but for public spaces,” he concluded.

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