Inaugurating a GKI Church of the Peniel Paam Congregation, Governor: Build Brotherhood – West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan inaugurated the GKI Peniel Paam Church, West Waigeo District, Raja Ampat Regency, Monday 7 June 2021.

In his speech, Governor Mandacan said that this church building was not built alone, but was built on the basis of collectiveness and togetherness of the people inhabiting Pam Village.

“It is like a sand, stone, wood, iron and cement, which need each other to build strong constructions,” he said, quoted from a press release received by, Monday 7 June 2021.

The governor reminded that development of mental and of heart should be prioritized over physical one. “What is the meaning of a magnificent worship place building, but without the splendor of attitude and behavior as well as its “followers”, he said.

Currently, the government continues to synergize and collaborate with all parties, including religious leaders, community leaders and other institutions to create prosperity and peace in West Papua Province.

Welfare and prosperity will not likely come true without the prayers and efforts of all parties in supporting government programs. “The government really hopes for the role and assistance of the entire community, religious leaders, church leaders and community leaders to play an active role in overcoming the various crises and challenges we face,” he said.

He advised the congregation to steadily build brotherhood and strengthen the ties of brotherhood among fellow believers. Because, without togetherness and prayer and God’s intervention, whatever is done will be in vain.

“I invite all of us, especially the GKI of Peniel Paam congregation, to be able to maintain, care for and make this place a holy house for fellowship, to dedicate ourselves to God Almighty,” he said.

The governor hopes that the inauguration of the GKI church of Peniel Paam can motivate the congregation to always worship, so that the love and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ surrounds every human being and also improves the quality of faith in daily life.

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