In Order to achieve even Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccinations in West Papua, BIN has Plunged into Remote Areas – The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is collaborating with the regional government and the related agencies to accelerate the Covid-19 vaccination in West Papua.

The vaccinations held simultaneously targeted people in ten cities/districts of West Papua.

The Head of the West Papua Regional BIN, Brigadier General TNI VS Bayu Sasetyo, said that the acceleration of vaccination needed to be carried out in the context of equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccine recipients.

“The achievement of the first dose of vaccination at the district and city levels is still around 5 regions that have not reached 50 percent. Therefore, we continue to hold mass vaccinations in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders to further increase the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine recipients in West Papua,” Bayu said in a written statement, Monday (23/5/2022).

Bayu said that the vaccination locations that were held simultaneously were Manokwari, South Manokwari, Teluk Wondama, Sorong City, and Sorong Regency.

Then Kaimana Regency, Fakfak, South Sorong, Bintuni Bay to Raja Ampat.

The targets range from the general public, children aged 6-11, to the elderly (elderly).

Not only in urban areas, people in remote areas are also trying to be reached to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

“The mass vaccinations that are held provide primary and booster vaccination services to the community, considering that there are still people who have not completed the primary dose or the first and second injections. In addition, we have also continued to a booster dose or a third dose,” he said.

He continued, with the distribution of vaccine recipients, it is hoped that the community will be able to more freely move to other areas.

“Our main target is that there is an even distribution of vaccine recipients between regions, so that if people want to travel to other areas, their health will be maintained,” he continued.

Based on data from the Ministry of Health as of Sunday (22/5/2022), the achievement of vaccination in West Papua was recorded, the first dose reached 63.21 percent of the target 797,402 residents, the second dose reached 45.43 percent, and the third dose or booster reached 11.63 percent.

Geographical factors, difficult terrain, and limited means of transportation are challenges for vaccination services in West Papua Province.

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