In a Remote Zone, Here is a Giant Project for Oil and Gas in Papua – Hutama Karya (Persero) is pursuing the completion of the bulding of a project of the Joint Operation Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) open access RU VII Kasim owned by PT Pertamina, Sorong, West Papua. This project is one of the National Strategic Projects (PSN) undertaken by Hutama Karya.

A Director of Operations II Hutama Karya Ferry Febrianto said the company’s scope of work covers all EPC phases in 4 for tanks with a capacity of 110 mega barrels each, jetty/jetty with a capacity of 50,000 dead weight tons along with supporting facilities and piping.

The project, which has started work on January 22, 2021, can be accomplished on time, which is planned at the end of 2022.

“The open access project is a PSN that is useful for maintaining the stability of supply and stock of crude oil, so that the supply of fuel from the refinary of RU VII Kasim to Eastern Indonesia (Maluku, Papua, West Papua) is maintained,” he explained in an official statement, Friday (3/03). 8/2021).

Ferry told about the obstacles in the development of open access at the RU Kasim refinery, West Papua. Starting from the location, materials to human resources.

“The main challenge we face is the remoteness of the project location making it difficult to get materials, tools and 500 labors. However, by using an existing jetty that gets closest to the job site, the arrival of these materials and tools becomes easier,” he said.

This project uses floating roof technology in storage tanks to minimize the output of evaporation so that emissions are maintained in accordance with regulatory compliance.  For Ferry, the existence of this project will have an impact on increasing the supply of crude oil and fuel so that it can advance the economy of the people in Eastern Indonesia.

This project increases a special petroleum port facility (jetty) and also builds four new fuel oil (BBM) tanks at the Kasim Refinery, Sorong Regency, West Papua.

The jetty facility will be built with a capacity of 50 thousand dead weight tonnage (DWT). This jetty will open and expand access for crude oil products from outside the region and even abroad in order to increase energy supply in eastern Indonesia.

While the four new tanks built each have a capacity of 110 thousand barrels. This will increase the supply of fuel at the Kasim Refinery to 40 days.

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