In 2022 YPMAK Defrays 3,106 Scholarship Program Participants, Here are the Details – As a form of commitment to improving the quality of human resources (HR) for the children of the Amungme and Kamoro tribes and 5 other kinship tribes, the Amungme and Kamoro Community Empowerment Foundation (YPMAK) as the manager of PT Freeport Indonesia’s partnership funds has an excellent program in the education sector.

The great program that is meant is the provision of scholarships to the children of the Amungme and Kamoro as well as 5 other kinship tribes, starting from the elementary school (SD), junior high school (SMP), high school (SMA), and university (PT).

In this scholarship program, YPMAK gets a quota of 3,000 children to finance their studies, both in Mimika and outside Mimika. However, for 2022 there will be an additional 106 children funded by YPMAK as scholarship program participants.

“This year there will be an addition of up to 106 children, for there is a request from students and university students. Plus 2 years ago did not accept scholarship participants. So that in 2022 there is a policy for an additional 100 children. However, the quota remains at 3,000 children,” said Deputy Program and Evaluation Director of YPMAK, Nur Ihfa Karupukaro when met in his office, Tuesday (20/12/2022).

Ihfa explained that YPMAK has 3 programs, namely education, health, and economy. For educational programs, YPMAK finances students from elementary, junior high, high school to university levels, who study both in Mimika and outside Mimika.

For the elementary level, there are 1,480 children funded by YPMAK. The children were educated in a boarding school pattern which was managed by 2 foundations, namely the Lokon Education Foundation (YPL) and the Timika Diocese.

“YPL manages the Taruna Papua Boarding School (SATP) with a total of 1,080 children. Meanwhile, the Timika Diocese is educating 400 children, who are in 3 dormitories, both at SP 3 (Solus Populi), behind Herlina Hospital, at the YPPK school complex Jalan Cenderawasih, and a dormitory in Kokonao, West Mimika,” explained Ihfa.

Meanwhile for tertiary institutions, YPMAK finances children to attend lectures both in Mimika and outside. In Mimika, his team is working with 5 universities, namely Poltekes, PGSD Uncen Timika, STIE JB, STT Russel, and Timika University.

“In Mimika itself, there are approximately 354 children that we finance to attend lectures,” he said.

Meanwhile outside of Mimika, YPMAK is also collaborating with several educational partners, such as Cenderawasih University (Uncen) and USTJ in Jayapura, Papua. As well as Unipa in Manokwari, West Papua.

Meanwhile, outside Papua, YPMAK is collaborating with several partners, namely Samratulangi University and De La Salle Catholic University, Manado (North Sulawesi), the Indonesian Aviation Academy (API) Banyuwangi. (East Java), the Binterbusi Foundation and UNIKA Soegijapranata in Semarang and Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) in Salatiga (Central Java), Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta, IKOPIN University Bandung (West Java), and Surya Dharma University (Unsurya) DKI Jakarta.

For the general public, said Nur Ihfa, there are 420 children. Where, YPMAK’s financing covers living expenses and is directly received by the children participating in the scholarship program directly.

While for the special 792 children and for the financing directly handed over to educational partners.

It is hoped that after graduating from S1, the scholarship participants will be able to implement the knowledge they have acquired and be able to get a job.

“From all of this, we from the monitoring and evaluation (monev) team have visited places where there are scholarship participants. This aims to find out the programs carried out by educational partners and the development of students,” he said.

It should be noted that YPMAK is an institution established on the basis of partiality for the Amungme and Kamoro people and five kinship tribes (Dani, Damal, Moni, Mee and Nduga) in Mimika Regency.

YPMAK was established on December 18, 2019 based on the decision of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number AHU-0018883.AH.01.04. In 2019 with the List of Foundations Number AHU-0025286.AH.01.12.Tahun 2019. In the Establishment Deed Number 12 dated 16 December 2019.

The purpose of this Foundation is to support the preservation, development and sustainable empowerment of the indigenous Papuan people from the Amungme and Kamoro Tribes as well as other indigenous Papuan communities in the Social, Humane and Religious fields.

The purpose of this foundation is to support the government to realize the indigenous Papuan people who come from the Amungme and Kamoro tribes as well as other indigenous Papuans so that they can lead a healthy, educated life, compete in the modern economic system, preserve natural resources, culture and heritage of indigenous people of Papua based on local wisdom towards a just and prosperous native Papuan society.

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