Improving the Reading Interest in Papua through Digital Libraries –  An officer of Library and Archives of Jayapura City, Papua Province, Septinus Ireuw, said that to promote interest in reading, the digital libraries must be maximized.

“The reading interest index is still low due to the effect of the library management system that has not been maximized, because it has not become a priority scale in the community,” said Ireuw, Wednesday (11/9/2021).

Therefore, said Ireuw, by maximizing digital libraries, human resources can arise, by fostering a love for reading and writing.

“The supporting facilities such as digital libraries are very important as providers of digital information services in accordance with the demands of the times,” said Ireuw.

Ireuw said that the cause of the low reading culture in the capital of Papua Province was mainly coming to the library, since the internet and social media were high enough to influence residents to read books.

“My expectation is that with the presence of this digital library, it can increase interest in reading and writing among the community, both elementary, junior high, high school students, to college students,” said Ireuw.

Ireuw hopes to receive adequate budget support to develop a digital library so that it can be accessed by the public without any obstacles and obstacles.

“What activities can be held by libraries that do not have a budget. It is the problem that library managers deal with. There is no budget for program in this year.  The budget for conducting activities in this year has been diverted for handling Covid-19 so that we work according to the budgeted program,” said Ireuw.

The library automation staff for handling equipment at the Jayapura City Library and Archives Service, Ikbal, said that until August 2021, he has just entered 700 titles of books in the categories of language and literature, children’s books, school books, popular business, cooking, design, fiction, family, computer, motivational, outdoor, economic texts, and non-economic texts.

“Input of books starts from 2019 as many as 500 book titles. In 2020 we did not do input due to budget constraints. We have 9,300 copies and 3,471 book titles,” said Ikbal.

Ikbal added that to be able to access the digital library, residents must do registration or to register at the Jayapura City Library and Archives Office to become a member of the digital library.

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