Improving the Papuan People’s Economy with Reforestation – Many things can be done to improve the economy of the Papuan hinterlands, one of which is through reforestation. It is what PT Papua Agro Lestari or PAL has done, which has carried out the delivery and planting of fruit tree seeds to the rural communities of Guiss-Rawa Kasat Hamlet, Ulilin District, Kab. Merauke.

The delivery and planting of tree seedlings was carried out by PT Papua Agro Lestari or PAL to the rural community of Guiss-Rawa Kasat Hamlet, Ulilin District, Kab. Merauke. This activity is a part of the corporate social contribution program aimed at preserving the environment and improving the community’s economic center. This activity was opened by dgm pt pal Patienta Dawenan as dgm PT. PAL. Meanwhile, the handing over of fruit tree seeds was carried out symbolically by the general manager of pt pal mr. Seo min woo to society.

The fruit tree seeds that were handed over consisted of soursop fruit, 10 cashew seeds, 10 durian seeds, 25 seeds and 25 oranges. These tree seeds will be planted on land that has been prepared by the local community. The handing over and planting of tree seedlings was enthusiastically welcomed by the community.

 “I think the community is very enthusiastic about today’s activities, I hope the results from planting fruit tree seedlings can be useful for the people of Guiss Village, and the company will always support the activities carried out by the community”, said Mr. Seo Min Woo, General Manager of PT PAL

The company hopes that this assistance can have a positive impact on preserving the environment for food sources and can improve the welfare of the hamlet. Expressions of gratitude also came from the local community for holding this activity.

 “We are from the guiss-rawa kasat village community and I am the representative”

Here, we are very grateful for the handing over and demonstration of planting fruit tree seeds today. Because it is related to the environment that exists here, first the fruits can be used to be eaten and sold for people’s income,” concluded Glenn Maikuin, Secretary of the Maikuin Clan and Representative from the Community

PT. Papua Agro Lestari or PAL is a company engaged in oil palm and operating in the Papua region. Pt. Pal is strongly committed to continue to increase his concern for the environment and the economy of the community around the company and is also committed to continuing to build a sustainable palm oil plantation management system through the No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation program.

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