Improving the Creativity of Papuan Youth Through Papua Muda Inspiratif – Improving the creativity of young people in Papua, which was initiated by Papua Muda Inspiratif (PMI) has received support from various parties. This is because PMI is a collaborative movement for the younger generation of Papuans who will work for the welfare of Papua.

PMI is a movement followed by young Papuan people to support the realization of prosperity in Papua. This movement has a vision of Uniting, Synergizing, and Working for the Prosperity of the Land of Papua. This Papuan millennial inspirational movement has received support from a number of circles. The Acting Governor of West Papua, Paulus Waterpauw and the Regent of Manokwari Regency, Hermus Indou gave full support to PMI’s work program and goals because they would support the acceleration of prosperity in Papua.

PMI itself is an organization assisted by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) which has the task of bringing new enthusiasm to young Papuan people. Through PMI, it is hoped that the younger generation of Papua can implement their potential and creative ideas in order to support the realization of prosperity in the Land of Papua.

The PMI movement has many creative ideas and ideas in order to support the acceleration of development in Papua, including those related to national food security. This is in accordance with Presidential Instruction No. 09 of 2020 concerning the Acceleration of Welfare in Papua and West Papua.

One of the determination and enthusiasm of young people in Papua is to develop the talents and creativity of Papuan youth. The talents and creativity of these young people are expected to grow rapidly with the functioning of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building located in Wahno Village, Abepura District, Jayapura City, Papua. The construction of the PYCH building has reached 73 percent.

The construction of the PYCH Building has been carried out since October 2021, where the first stone was laid by President Joko Widodo, and the President plans to inaugurate it. The design of the PYCH building was inspired by traditional houses in Papua, namely the Kariwari traditional house and the Honai traditional house.

PMI representative Elia Musa Rawar in his written statement hopes that the construction of this building can become a center for self-development, talent, and creativity for young people in Papua. Then, hopefully the creativity that has been owned by young Papuan friends can appear on the national and international stage.

Elia added that the PYCH Building is a building that has the most complete facilities in Papua. These facilities can be used for co-working space, space for learning technology, digital technology, concert hall, room for product innovations, dormitories, and sports facilities. Those facilities are open to all young people from Papua, and PMI stands for all Papuan friends, said Elijah.

Elia, who is often called Moses Rawar, also expressed his gratitude to President Joko Widodo and the Head of BIN Prof. Budi Gunawan who has assisted young Papuans to have the facilities and infrastructure to support the foundation of community welfare development in the Land of Papua.

The construction of the PYCH building was also reviewed by BIN’s Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence, I Gde Made Kartikajaya, PMI Coordinator Billy Mambrasar, Head of the Papua Regional Settlement Infrastructure Center, Directorate General of Human Settlements, Ministry of PUPR Corneles Sagrim, and PT Nindya Karya (Persero).

Corneles Sagrim as a Head of the Papua Regional Settlement Infrastructure Center, Directorate General of Human Settlements, Ministry of PUPR, said that the PYCH building construction process has reached 73 percent, and has been accelerated from the planning stage which will be completed in December 2022 to October 2022. The PYCH building has a total area of ​​5,332 square meters. , with the main building area of ​​3,520 square meters, and 1,812 square meters of supporting building area. This building will have dormitories and parking lots with a capacity of 53 cars, 154 motorbikes and landscaping.

An Acting Governor of West Papua, Paulus Waterpauw as a representative of the West Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) said he would fully support the steps taken by PMI. For the first time, the provincial government has sent a team to prepare land for corn planting in Tambrauw, Sorong, and Manokwari districts. This land is also prepared to respond to the President’s policy in supporting the food security program in Indonesia. Apart from corn, the land will also be planted with other secondary crops.

Paul will also technically prepare the Purchase Reference Price (HAP) of the agricultural products, including the HAP of Corn. This is a commitment to prepare human resources to support the management of agriculture, animal husbandry, and other programs in order to support young people involved in PMI.

Support for PMI was also conveyed by the Regent of Manokwari, Hermus Indou. Hermus conveyed his commitment to support PMI’s work program. The support is in the form of providing about 2 hectares of land, as well as synergizing related agencies to provide space for empowerment initiated by PMI.

Hopefully the programs carried out by PMI can run optimally, because the program carried out by PMI will be a surefire way to increase the creativity of the young Papuan generation. Hopefully Papuan human resources will be more superior and can advance Papua in the future.

Author: Levi Raema Wenda (a Papua Observer, former journalist for local media in Papua)

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