Improving Skills and Competencies, Papuan Students in Banten Are Ready to Join the Papua Digital Academy Program – The Papuan student community in Banten Province positively welcomed the presence of the Papua Digital Academy program, which was initiated by the Young Papuan Exponent (EMP).

A EMP Chair, Rahman Patur, said students from Papua who were continuing their studies in the Banten area were very enthusiastic and willing to take part in the Papua Digital Academy program.

“The Papua Digital Academy program has received a positive response from Papuan students who are continuing their studies in Banten. Many of them have expressed their willingness to join,” Rahman told reporters in Tangerang, Banten, Saturday (12/11).

Rahman said that this positive response became EMP’s motivation to continue to empower and develop the potential of Papuan youth.

The reason, he said, so far is that there are rarely Papuan youth organizations that are really focused on fostering and developing the potential of young people from Eastern Indonesia.

“Papuan students, especially those studying outside Papua, are finally unable to find a forum that is serious about pushing towards the development of human resource potential,” he said.

This condition, he continued, resulted in the delay in improving the skills and competencies of the Papuan young generation. Especially in terms of mastery of technology and the latest information.

“What is needed today from young Papuan people is a forum for developing the potential of human resources. This is what encourages exponents to intensively conduct HR coaching and training,” he concluded.

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