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Improving Officer Competence, PLN Manokwari Holds Training at Yantek Campus

goodmorningpapua.com – PT PLN (Persero) Manokwari Customer Service Implementation Unit held training for technical service officers (yantek) at Yantek Campus, Wednesday, December 29, 2021.

The training, attended by 58 employees, aims to improve the competence and understanding of technical service officers on issues of Occupational Health and Safety (K3).

A manager of PLN UP3 Manokwari, Roberth Rumsaur explained, the training at the Yantek Campus was a medium for refreshment and upskilling of Yantek staff in carrying out their duties, especially those related to K3 issues.

“We are trying to continue to reduce the number of work accidents caused by worker negligence and weak supervision of work activities, especially types of technical work,” said Roberth in a written statement received by KabarPapua.co, Wednesday, December 29, 2021.

According to Roberth, this training is the first activity carried out by the Yantek UP3 Manokwari Campus. Instructors in training come from internal PLN with K3 materials and technical service SOPs.

“In Manokwari, only 1 Yantek Academy was built, namely at UP3 Manokwari. The establishment of the Yantek Academy is based on still mitigating the risk of potential work accidents, especially in the distribution network,” he explained.

He hopes that this training can improve SOP compliance for Yantek officers at work and prioritize work safety.

“We prioritize maintaining occupational health and safety, starting from preparation, the work execution process, we must be safe until we return to our respective homes,” said Roberth.

Network Section Manager, Arvy Tryuda added that Yantek Academy is a single unit of facilities and infrastructure as evidence and commitment to improve the competence of technical service ranks in serving PLN customers.

This is in accordance with the law, each officer must continue to improve competence through training. He hopes this training can improve the skills of officers in the field.

Meanwhile, PLN Tarakan Manokwari Site Area Manager, Nathan Siahaan said that this training was attended by 52 employees serving all Manokwari work areas.

“With the academy facilities or the Yantek Campus, it can be used for periodic training to ensure our performance as service officers, whether it is in accordance with company SOPs/standards or not,” said Nathan.

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