Improving Journalists in Reading SAIK Plus and SIO Data in Papua – The prospect of KOMPAK-BaKTI was holding a News Cafe reads data with Papuan and West Papuan journalists at the Pollaris Bolroom Hotel Vega Sorong, Monday 28 February 2022

An advertiser Communication Kompak-BaKti, Caroline Tupamahu said News Café with the topic of reading data aims to make journalists aware of the availability of a village-based data collection system for indigenous Papuans, namely the Kampung Plus Information (SAIK+) in West Papua and the People Information System (SIO Papua).

“The Participating journalists representing media partners in Manokwari, Sorong and Jayapura can find out the differences, similarities and characteristics of the data used by the government for and/or related to policy making,” Caroline told reporters.

Journalists, continued Caroline, can learn how to read data, use the data as part of a reporting product in the form of a narrative or visual, which adheres to journalistic ethics.

“The expected output from this activity is the formation of a partnership between the Governments of West Papua and Papua, especially the implementers of SAIK+ and SIO Papua with the media in Papua and West Papua,” she said.

Not only that, she continued, this activity is also expected to distribute information about village-based data collection on native Papuans conducted by the Government of West Papua through SAIK+ and the Government of Papua through SIO Papua to journalists.

“This activity increases the capacity of journalists participating in the activity in reporting, especially regarding the ability and skills to display data in narrative and visual forms,” s​​he continued.

Then, this activity is also expected to increase the amount of news about the benefits and use of SAIK+ and SIO Papua by the Governments of Papua and West Papua, districts and various other parties by local and national media.

Caroline explained that the involvement of the media in PROSPPEK-Otsus is so that positive information, achievements, and progress of the program that has been running so far can be known to the public.

Support for the spread of this information is synergized with facilitating capacity building for journalists from the media being the program partners. The exchange of information between program implementers and the media, as well as the opportunity to facilitate the capacity building of journalists in producing quality coverage, are packaged by means of the “News Café” activity.

So far, said Carolone, during the mentoring period for the KOMPAK-BaKTI Communication Team at PROSPPEK, several online and offline News Cafés have been held.

The News Café was held with various topics of discussion related to the position and behavior of the media in the online realm, data produced by SAIK+ and SIO Papua, between the media and resource persons from the program implementers.

At the News Café, in addition to speakers conveying program implementers, the News Café is also equipped with non-program implementers relevant to the topic of discussion, as well as resource persons with media backgrounds for the purpose of increasing the capacity of participating journalists.

“This topic was chosen at the request of journalist friends in Papua and West Papua and this activity is a collaborative activity between the BaKTI Foundation and the Papua Province Pusdalisbang,” she said.

SAIK+ and SIO Papua Data is the most important element in the planning and development process. Without accurate data, planning and development processes cannot be carried out effectively and on target.

Population data is one of the main types of data used as the basis for the planning, budgeting, and implementation of development processes in an area.

“SIO Papua and SAIK+ are two application systems for collecting data on indigenous Papuans built by the Provincial Governments of Papua (SIO Papua) and West Papua (SAIK+) in assisting development planning at the village/kelurahan and district levels in the economic sector and basic services, especially for OAP. ” she explained.

SAIK+ and SIO Papua function to provide information on OAP and Non-OAP disaggregated data. “The SAIK+ and SIO Papua applications were developed by the Provincial Governments of West Papua and Papua, together with the LANDASAN-BaKTI Program with the support of the Australian Government through the KOMPAK Program,” she explained.

Caroline said that the implementation of data collection using the SAIK+ and SIO Papua applications has been running in several districts. For West Papua, it consists of South Manokwari, Kaimana, Fakfak and Sorong. Meanwhile, Papua includes the districts of Jayapura, Nabire, Asmat, and Boven Digoel.

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