Improving HR Competence, Bank Papua Takes Advantage of the LMS Application from Telkom – The financial sector, especially banking, is one of the main sectors supporting the regional economic growth. For this reason, the digitization of this sector is certainly an important thing that cannot be denied anymore. Collaboration among sectors, development of digital innovation, integrated infrastructure will support the acceleration of digitalization of Indonesian banking.

A Director of Enterprise and Business Service PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) Edi Witjara and President Director of PT Regional Development Bank (BPD) Papua (Bank Papua) F. Zendrato handed over the Learning Management System application for Bank Papua, in Jakarta (31/ 5). This collaboration is in line with Bank Papua’s business plan, where one of the targets to be achieved is to implement the BPD Transformasi program in terms of developing HR competencies.

As a local government-owned bank in Papua, Bank Papua is committed to providing the best service to stakeholders, managing the business through sound banking practices, running the business professionally, and encouraging economic growth in Papua. To that end, Bank Papua and Telkom establish a professional cooperative relationship with the principle of providing added value and benefits to each company.

A Director of Enterprise and Business Service Telkom, Edi Witjara, in his speech expressed his gratitude for Bank Papua’s trust in Telkom to work together as part of the BPD Transformasi program through the provision of Learning Management System applications as a part of developing and strengthening the capabilities of Bank Papua’s human resources. This is in line with what Telkom is doing to continue to transform into a more competent Digital Telecommunication Company.

“In conducting this transformation, Telkom is customer has orientation, and has a vision to become the digital telco of choice to advance the community through three main elements that are the focus of the business, namely digital connectivity, digital platforms, and digital services.

Previously, we have also successfully supported the government in digitizing various Indonesian industrial sectors, ranging from the health industry, banking, logistics, transportation, retail, manufacturing, and many more. With our capabilities, we are ready to collaborate with Bank Papua to continue to support the acceleration of the digitalization of the Regional Bank of Indonesia,” said Edi.

A President Director of Bank Papua, F. Zendrato, in his speech expressed his gratitude for Telkom’s supporting to Bank Papua in implementing the Learning Management System application as part of the Bank Papua HR capability and competency development program. This is in line with one of the five BPD Transformasi programs, namely Human Capital Development, which plays an important role in Bank Papua’s business development.

“We hope to continue to synergize with Telkom for the sake realizing the vision of Bank Papua to become a strong, reliable, competitive regional bank, and supporting economic development in Papua,” said F. Zendrato.

Through this collaboration between Telkom and Bank Papua, both parties can provide benefits and added value according to their respective capabilities. “With the spirit of synergy, Telkom is confident and committed to continue to support the digitalization of the Regional Bank of Indonesia through the provision of integrated ICT service solutions so that it can improve services to all Indonesian people,” concluded Edi.

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