Improving Education in Papua, Government Recruits 150 Contract Teachers with Special Autonomy Fund – Government of Jayawijaya Regency used Papua’s special autonomy (otsus) funds to recruit 150 special contract teachers for indigenous Papuan children from Jayawijaya.

A Regional Secretary (Sekda) Jayawijaya, Thony Mathius Mayor told reporters in Wamena explaining that currently the registration process has been carried out.

“We have conveyed it to the education office to collect data and carry out the selection process,” said Thony, Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

For him, the opportunity for contract teachers is given to children from Jayawijaya Regency who have a teacher education background or equivalent and other undergraduate fields of knowledge.

“The quota required is 200 people according to the DPA. Of these, 50 people already exist, so the remaining 150 people are still needed. The source of funds for this recruitment is the special autonomy fund,” he explained.

The Regional Secretary hopes that the recruitment to be able to fill the gap for schools that require the presence of teachers.

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