Implementation of Muhammadiyah Advancement Education in Papua – A head of Warmon Kokoda Village, Sorong, West Papua, Syamsuddin Namugur told the condition of Muhammadiyah students in his village, who thought that Muhammadiyah education was in accordance with the conditions of the times.

This was conveyed by Syamsuddin Namugur on Monday (18/4) at the Tausiyah Ramadan 1443 H event held offline by the Muhammadiyah Education University (UNIMUDA) Sorong.

In his opinion, the education for advancement as brought by Muhammadiyah in his village is appropriate, because bringing positive changes to the people of Warmon Kokoda Village. He is also grateful for the existence of Muhammadiyah in his village, pushing a progress for the community.

“It is impossible for us to live in the old era; It is the digital era now, the era of progress, the education is also progressing, yes, the children and the people who are learning also continue to participate,” he said.

Muhammadiyah for Syamsuddin Namugur is an enlightenment for Papuan children, especially in the field of education. For him, Muhammadiyah in providing education for Papuan children is done sincerely, from the obstacles that exist for Muhammadiyah to be passed ‘lightly’.

On the other hand, what makes Syamsuddin even more convincing regarding the education taught by Muhammadiyah to Papuan children is that Muhammadiyah does not necessarily change culture or local wisdom that is good for Papuan children.

“We invite them to the school to the forest, that’s what makes education not like that dan like this (complicated). Education in Papua is very interesting and it becomes something fun,” he said.

Syamsuddin gave an example of the ethical education of young people to their parents, which has been around for a long time and is still sustainable in his village. However, if there are some things that are not in accordance with the culture of politeness, it is more because of the individual child.

“Education is also taught about etiquette, how to respect teachers, glorify teachers, what’s more in terms of religion it’s even more so”, he said.

He also emphasized that the concept of Islam rahmatan lil alamin was implemented seriously by Muhammadiyah in Papua through education.

Progressive Education of Muhammadiyah opens opportunities for Papuan children, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

“That Islam teaches that education does not discriminate against religion, not discriminate against ethnicity, that education is equal for all of us. By means of the path of Islam, through the path of Muhammadiyah, it is truly rahmatan lil alamin. Muhammadiyah is practicing the rahmatan lil alamin, it’s clear,” he added.

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