Immapa Bali Focuses on Education to Develop the Land of Papua – The emergence of an unfavorable circumtances in the Land of Papua in the last few days, especially after the gunfight in Maybrat Regency, was responded wisely by the Papuan student and community associations, the Papuan Student and Community Association (Immapa) of Bali Province.

Met on the sidelines of the Immapa Gathering which took place in the Kuta, Badung, Bali area, the Chairperson of the Immapa Bali, Vladinier Yohan Kafiar said that now it is not the right time to argue with each other about the security conditions in Papua.

As stated by him, Papuan students and students in Bali in particular do not want to be influenced by various provocations and black campaigns that have the potential to make condition worst.

Vladinier emphasized that students and learners remain focused on their main goal of completing education as soon as possible and trying to develop themselves, so that when they return to their hometowns they can contribute as well as be part of a better development of Papua.

“Of course we are here as students and also coordinators of Papuans in the Bali region quite worried about something that are happening in Papua. However, we have coordinated to maintain our security and with this activity we also advise our friends to maintain togetherness and also our kinship and not get involved with negative things while in the city for studying,” said Vladinier Yohan Kafiar in his statement on Sunday (5/9/2021).

In addition, students and learners in Bali are not at all affected by the Kamtibmas situation or hoax news in Papua. Moreover, for in Bali they feel comfortable with the care and attention from the government, schools and mentors.

“Of course, we want students from Papua in Bali to make changes in Papua in all fields. One of them is the Immapa Gathering activity which motivates Papuan children to complete their studies and excel on the island of Bali and reach the proud achievements of the land of Papua,” he explained.

“In accordance with our theme, a quality Papuan generation to build the land of Papua. The study here is so that we can really focus on coming to the island of Bali to carry out good and correct studies, of course, excel in rebuilding the land of Papua,” he said.

The Coordinator of the Papua and West Papua Secondary Education Affirmation Program, I Made Darwis Wibawa, said the Immapa Gathering activity was a forum to contribute to the development of the Papua region.

“Students and learners become one unit of Papuan children. So this Immapa Gathering is a forum to contribute to our future tips to be able to develop the Papua region. They are the ones who will develop the Papua region,” he said.

“I recommend this gathering because they will continue to coordinate with us, because after all we as parents protect them in a better direction, not in a bad direction,” he concluded.

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