IDX Expands Capital Market Literacy for Investors in Papua – The Papua Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) seeks to expand literacy related to the capital market by means of a live public expose expected to provide understanding and development. In addition, monitoring the performance of companies owned by capital market investors in Papua.

A Head of the IDX Papua Representative Office, Kresna A Payokwa, said that until the fourth day of the live public expose held by the Indonesia Stock Exchange, 33 companies had presented their experiences in the capital market.

“This activity is a very good activity to make it easier for capital market investors in Papua to monitor and understand various business aspects that will affect the performance of companies owned by local capital market investors,” he said, quoted by Antara, Friday, September 16, 2022.

Moreover, according to Kresna the implementation of the public expose in 2022 will be conducted online so that capital market investors who are domiciled in Papua and West Papua do not need to incur additional costs to go to Jakarta.

“For the interest of investors from Papua, it is quite good where every day we always convey information about the schedule for the implementation of the public expose activities to investors,” he said.

He explained that currently the number of capital market investors in Papua is 54 thousand investors, with a total transaction value until mid-2022 of IDR 3.7 trillion.

            “At the end of the presentation of the company’s performance, investors are also given the opportunity to ask questions to the board of directors of the listed company, related to the company’s performance and business plans going forward,” he said.

He added that so far several companies that have delivered their presentations include PT Bank Negara Indonesia, PT Kalbe Farma, PT Bukit Asam, PT Jasa Marga, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, and other companies that have become the investment choice of the Papuan people.

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