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Hydroponic Plant Gardening, a Fun Way for Killing Time of PPKM in Jayapura

goodmorningpapua.com – Farming by using the hydroponic method during a pandemic can be an option to kill time at home. Moreover, the Jayapura City Government has executed the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) during August.

The farming activities at home, also known as urban farming, can be a fun way to get rid of boredom. Because it utilizes available land to create green open spaces in the midst of the density of Jayapura City.

Nengah Praja is one of the young farmers in Jayapura City focusing on hydroponic plants. He offers services for creating simple hydroponic plants at home with only Rp 2.5 million in capital.

“With that much capital, you can grow hydroponic vegetables, it’s a complete package, you just need to plant it, it turns out to be around 20 holes,” Negah said recently.

For beginners, said Nengah, the hydroponic method is indeed a bit complicated, but there is no need to worry because customers can consult at every time about hydro plants if they use their services.

“Whenever you can consult, I will guide you until you be able, the important thing is that the temperature of the water and the dose of nutrients must be considered so that the plants can thrive,” said Nengah explaining how to garden hydroponic plants.

Now for people being interested in making hydroponic plants to fill their spare time at home during activity restrictions, you can try this method so you don’t get bored at home.

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