Hundreds of Children Get Surprise Christmas Gifts from District Secretary of Nusawani Yapen – The pleasure of the children in the Nusawani District shined with full of happines. Their simplicity, smiles and small footsteps are so visible when hanging on the wooden bridge.

Yes, today they received a surprise in the form of a Christmas gift from the Secretary of the Nusawani District, Rachel Ayomi, who had just been inaugurated a few weeks ago. A visit to Kampung Atas Air is one of his work agendas.

“We visited 5 villages using motor boats, this district (Nusawani) has just been inaugurated, thank God it’s a Christmas gift for the people and also for the surrounding children, because we hold small activities for them,” said Rachel Ayomi.

Rachel said, the impression of Christmas must be the best, especially for children. Although not so much and expensive, this gift is expected to encourage children to make sense of life.

“The gift is not expensive, the most important thing is the moment when we met, shared love, smiled at each other, without any anger, jealousy or envy with each other,” Rachel said.

On the occasion, Rachel also thanked God for the mandate as a Secretary of the Nusawani District entrusted to her. “I am very grateful for this mandate,” she said while saying gratitude to Yapen Regent Tony Tesar.

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