Humanitarian Relations of Journalists in Papua – A Head of Public Relations of the Papuan Police, Kombes Pol. Ahmad Musthofa Kamal having coffee with Merauke journalists at D’Waroeng Coffee House, Sunday 9 October 2022.

Having coffee with journalists event, which aims to strengthen the relationship, was attended by dozens of journalists and journalists from online media, electronic media and print media.

According to Kamal, the relationship with the press is a very good thing in establishing cooperation with media elements in Merauke.

“The members of the press have become partners of the National Police in reporting various information related to the activities of the Police. Many police activities are known to the public thanks to media partners,” he said.

Kamal wants the closeness of the police, in this case the Public Relations of the Police with journalists, continuously maintained, so that they can produce synergy in reporting on the tasks of the Police that will soothe the reader.

“We also don’t forget to tell them (journalists) to be aware of hoax information that can obscure the reality, so it is necessary to check for certainty before distributing it to the public,” Kamal hoped.

Just to note, having coffee with the Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police and journalists were also attended by the Head of Public Relations of the Merauke Police, AKP Ahmad Nurung. Coffee with journalists is simple.

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